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Meet The Team



Raymond began his diving journey in 2002 while attending university. By 2007, he had earned his certification as an Open Water Instructor, marking the beginning of his teaching career. Since then, he has guided and certified hundreds of diving students, many of whom have gone on to become dive professionals in various locations. At Kurabesi Dive School, Raymond serves as the Quality Management System Manager, ensuring that our teaching and service standards consistently meet the highest levels of excellence. Within our team, his focus lies on certifying divers aspiring to become qualified SSI dive professionals, as well as instructing in specialties such as sidemount diving, emergency procedures, and the science of diving. With a background in marine biology, Raymond brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise as a professional practitioner in marine and fisheries conservation.

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Zaki embarked on his diving journey in 2016 in Jakarta. His love for exploring different destinations, diving alongside friends, and extending his hospitality to others propelled him to achieve dive professional status in 2019. Diving with Zaki guarantees a joyful experience, thanks to his cheerful and friendly demeanor. He upholds exceptionally high service standards in diving, surpassing expectations. Within our team, Zaki oversees course and trip scheduling while continuously enhancing his diving knowledge and skills. Despite his busy weekdays as a media professional, Zaki finds balance through diving.

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Jonat boasts a rich history as a diver, having begun his underwater adventures in 2011. Over the years, he has delved into various aspects of diving, with photography capturing his interest. After four years as a Divemaster, Jonat earned his Open Water Instructor certification in early 2024. With his vast experience and calm disposition, diving with Jonat feels incredibly secure. Outside of diving, Jonat excels in teaching and drawing, leveraging his talent as a graphic designer and lecturer at a leading university in Jakarta. As our team's design maestro, Jonat crafts unique t-shirt designs for our diving trips, leaving his artistic mark.  

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Hizkia's diving journey commenced in 2017, leading him to become an officially certified Open Water Instructor in 2024. A proficient cinematographer both above and below water, Hizkia captivates audiences with his mesmerizing stories and social media posts. His passion for recording and editing videos seamlessly integrates with his love for the underwater world. Recognized as a Nikon Indonesia Ambassador in 2022, a DJI Collaborative Trainer in 2023, and Divesea Indonesia Endorser in 2024. Hizkia serves as our social media guru, managing our platforms with finesse. With previous experience as an aquarist in Jakarta's esteemed aquarium, Hizkia possesses a deep knowledge of marine life, particularly ornamental fish. Despite his exceptional buoyancy and diving skills, Hizkia remains receptive to learning from others to continuously enhance his diving prowess.

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Frieska embarked on her diving odyssey in 2016, eagerly ascending the ranks to become a dive professional amidst her demanding career in a prestigious Jakarta bank. Despite her busy schedule, Frieska remains devoted to diving, exploring Indonesia's breathtaking underwater landscapes. Supported by her dive companions, Frieska's natural leadership and warm hospitality shine through. Safety is paramount in her diving journey, ensuring every dive with her is both secure and enjoyable. With Frieska on the team, we eagerly anticipate welcoming more women into the world of scuba diving, inspired by her journey.

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