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Take a breath, and prepare for some of the most jaw-dropping views you will ever see. Jewel like lakes, and brilliant turquoise oceans surrounded by panoramic green forest and pristine mountains.​​

Kurabesi Explorer Liveaboard & Charter will take you to eastern Indonesia, a living paradise on earth, where you can immerse yourself in nature, interact with friendly, authentic people, learn traditional music, and savor local delicacies.

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Our vessel carries the honorable name of the Biak warrior Kurabesi, who supported the sultan of Ternate in freeing his people from the stronghold of Portuguese rule. In thanks, Kurabesi was offered the sultan’s daughter’s hand and rule over Easter Ternate, named Raja Ampat after their four children.​ On rainy days, snuggle in our cozy bean bags or browse books from our reading nook. We have a dedicated camera room, mini-bar and galley, all designed for the comfort of your life-on-board experience.

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Today Kurabesi’s spirit sails on our spacious boat, was designed for extra comfort. The wide, open sun-deck is equipped with four loungers, is perfect for the stunning sunrise, sunset and stargazing on board. The semi-open dining area is located on the upper deck so you can enjoy the views at meal times.

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Our vessel has six comfortable cabins that can accommodate up to 14 people in 2 cabins with double beds, and 4 cabins with bunk beds. Each cabin is air conditioned, has ample storage for personal belongings, and is equipped with a private shower and flush toilet. Our decor uses traditional eastern Indonesian woven cloth, and we offer organic toiletries, fresh towels, and plastic free water tumblers for all our guests.

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Design your perfect break. You are free to choose between water-sports or hiking, watching great movies or browsing the books from our on-board library. We also have backgammon and other board games on board. We carry two family size kayaks and an 9.5” stand up paddle board. In the afternoon, you can explore the coastline and enjoy a sunset party with a campfire or barbecue on a stunning private beach. All of our on-board facilities are offered to you free of charge.

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Our spacious dive station is equipped with a rugged air compressor and enough dive tanks for up to three dives per day. Our two highly experienced local dive masters and our on-board local guide are ready to lead you through incredible adventures. Complete dive gear is also available for rent by request. 

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