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Learning Made Easy & Fun!

Our mission at Kurabesi Dive School is to provide quality courses and a friendly learning environment. We focus on empowering people by providing the necessary skills and knowledge to help them reach their diving goals. With our practical approach, while ensuring all Training Standards are met, the participants can enjoy diving in a safe manner. The team members are also continuously improving their quality, by taking more courses, both for deepening their knowledge and unlocking new abilities in scuba diving. Based in Jakarta, Indonesia, we mostly do our courses in this busy city and hop on the boat to an archipelago on the northern side of the city, Seribu National Park.


While teaching courses is our major focus, we also explore other destinations in Indonesia to appreciate the beauty of our ocean. We put huge attention to detail, safety and fun. Diving with us would be a memorable trip for you. 

Check out our diving courses and trips, and be part of it!

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Komodo Trip

I enjoy every single day with all of you! Good job!

Komodo Trip

Generally, the trip is worthwhile from the planning and execution.

Had a good time.

Alor Trip

Overall I am very much satisfied with the trip. Definitely coming back to Alor soon and trip with Kurabesi as well

OWD Course

Jujur, yang bikin nyaman ambil license & dive trip sama Kurabesi Dive School itu karena safety, comfort & divemasters yang knowledgable banget . Dari A-Z gue bawel tanya ini itu juga dijelaskan tanpa kenal waktu dan lelah.

OWD Course

Instructors & divemasters sabar banget, penjelasan mudah dimengerti, diajarin sampe bisa, & yang paling penting bikin aman & nyaman.

We also learned about to appreciate something

and do evaluation on every dive

OWD Course

Instructor & DM-nya sangat bertanggung jawab, rapi, terstruktur

& well prepared.

Mereka mengajar dengan knowledge yang sangat baik. Mereka pantang menyerah dan selalu meng-encourage.

Dan masukan mereka selalu jujur!

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